Health Care Administration (HA)

HA510: Organizational Development for Health Care

This course explores organizational behavior, theory, and development as they apply to the health care industry. Topics include, but are not limited to, classic and modern theory, individual behavior and motivation, group dynamics, conflict management, decision making, culture values, and organizational dysfunction. Physician leadership development and change management are also explored.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA515: Leadership in Health Care

This course explores organizational theory and behavior essential for successful leadership and management in the health care industry. Emphasis will be placed on communication techniques, self-analysis, and strategies for best practices in order to effectively implement key leadership and management concepts in dynamic health care environments. Key values that guide a leader's personal and professional behavior and influence overall effectiveness will be explored, as well as their impact on overall leadership styles.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA520: Health Care Financial Management

This course introduces the terminology, theory, concepts and techniques used in the finance functions in health care organizations. Students gain an understanding of the important role of finance in health care organizations and learn various techniques to develop, manage, and control finances. Students interpret financial statements, prepare analyses with cost finding and price setting, and conduct break-even analyses. The course provides students with experience in capital and operating budgets, financial forecasts, and business plan preparation. Students will be expected to expand their utilization of spreadsheet applications.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA525: Health Law

This course provides analysis of law, the legal system, and current legal problems as they relate to the financing and delivery of health care services. This course covers interrelated legal topics pertinent to health care organizations including contracts, medical malpractice, legal and ethical obligations to provide health care, privileging, medical decision making, tax exemption, antitrust, fraud, and health information management. Students are encouraged to discuss how the law supports or hinders current efforts to improve health care delivery systems.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA530: Human Resources for Health Care Managers

This course provides an analysis and evaluation of how human resource management is applied in different health care settings. The course focuses on the major elements of human resource man­agement, as well as the ways in which it can be used in the strategic planning of the organization. Students investigate ongoing human resources practice and issues from a health care perspective such as recruitment, contract/agreement, training/education/support, retention, performance evalu­ation, compensation, legal and regulatory issues, and strategic planning.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA535: Health Care Statistics

In this course, you will be introduced to the practical applications of descriptive and inferential statistics for the health industry. You will formulate a data procurement plan by analyzing real-world data. Additionally, you will learn how to effectively disseminate published health research data and apply this new knowledge within the field.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA540: Health Care Operations and Quality Assessment

This course provides an interdisciplinary perspective on operations and quality management in health care, taking into account the disciplines of organizational behavior and health management research. Special attention is given to causal tools and approaches that are fundamental to total quality management and continuous quality improvement.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA545: Health Policy

This course provides students with an in-depth analysis of health care policy development in the United States of America. Students focus on health care policy formation and evaluation by investigating public policy and politics. Students consider a variety of elements that factor into health policy development such as economics, political science, management, communications, and public health.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA560: Community Health Assessment

This course provides you with the skills needed to enhance (assess) the health of a community. You will focus on health behaviors, environmental influences, health policy, and economic and health care system issues in health promotion and disease prevention.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA565: Health Information Management and Assessment

This course provides a comprehensive examination of the principles and practices of the management of health information. The course covers three principal areas of health information management: Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), electronic health information management (e-HIM), and informatics.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA570: Health Care Ethics

This course provides an examination of both the theory and the principles of ethics within the health care industry. The course covers national standards for the protection of individual's health information as applied to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers. Students also learn other health industry regulations that protect employees, patients, and providers. The integration of ethics as the foundation for long-term as well as day-to-day operations of an entity is emphasized.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA575: Health Care Marketing

This course provides an analysis and evaluation of the principles and concepts of marketing as they apply to health care organizations. The course covers essential elements of marketing as well as direct applications of marketing tools and strate­gies in the dynamic health care environment.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HA599: Master's Capstone in Health Care Administration

The capstone course is the culminating experience for the Master of Health Care Administration. This course builds on the concepts of all the courses students have taken within the program of study. The capstone course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and synthesize the knowledge and skills acquired through their coursework in an original comprehensive project, and to assess their level of mastery of the stated outcomes of their degree program in health care administration.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: Last term