Health Education (HD)

HD510: Current Health Trends for Health Educators

In this course, you will evaluate current health education trends and topics. You will learn how the social determinants contribute to health behaviors and outcomes and will explore the implications and use of technology and social media for health promotion. By researching and analyzing trending topics, techniques, and best practices, you will be able to synthesize your own health education and promotional campaigns.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HD520: Health Education Program Assessment

In this course, you will be introduced to health program assessment and the role of assessment in effective program planning. In addition to learning more about the identification of priority populations, you will develop skills to engage diverse stakeholder populations. You will also learn about the growing need for evidence-based practice in health education, including benchmarking, data mining, and data analysis.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HD535: Health Education Program Planning

This course examines the planning process associated with successful health education programs. You will explore concepts related to stakeholder and community engagement, mission and vision writing, program outcome determination, logic and planning models, effective alignment of actions to outcomes, and practical implementation and evaluation.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HD545: Health Education Program Implementation

This course examines the actions associated with successful health education program implementation. You will evaluate the flow of implementation processes, including securing resources, engaging collaborative partnerships, choosing personnel, reviewing assessment results, managing action-related timelines, and determining modification needs. The evaluation of implementation processes will culminate in developing a program sustainability plan to support intended outcomes and continuous quality improvement.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HD550: Health Education Communication and Advocacy

Communication and advocacy are at the forefront of effective health education and promotion. This course examines the principles and effective practices of strategic communication through the cycle from assessment through evaluation. Through analysis of already developed health campaigns, you will explore health issues and effective health behavior changes and develop multi-layered advocacy strategies to support diverse populations.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HD560: Health Education Evaluation and Research

In this course, you will learn about the research and evaluation processes for health education program planning. You will also explore conceptual foundations of research and the practical analytic skills needed by a competent health educator. Topics addressed include evaluation and research design, research principles, ethical considerations, data management, and research reporting. An emphasis in utilizing research methods to impact health education and health promotion issues will be presented. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with both the necessary knowledge of how to carry out evaluation plans for real-world interventions, as well as the skills to develop and critique research studies.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HD570: Health Education Leadership and Management

This course examines key roles and responsibilities of health education leaders and managers. Emphasis is placed on fostering relationships with stakeholders in a variety of settings, managing human resources needed to facilitate health education programs, and role modeling ethical leadership practices.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HD599: Master's Capstone in Health Education and Promotion

This capstone course is the culminating experience for the Master of Science in Health Education and Promotion. This course builds on the concepts of all the courses you have taken within the program of study. The capstone course provides you with the opportunity to integrate and synthesize the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the coursework in an original comprehensive project, and to assess your level of mastery of the stated outcomes of your degree program in health education and promotion.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: Last term or permission from the Dean

HD625: Health Education Design, Implementation, and Administration

This course acquaints students with the components and essential design elements of comprehensive health education programming. Utilizing the seven areas of responsibilities for the health education specialist, students create programs for community, school, and private settings, learning to identify key constituents and the diversity of funding sources, both public and private. Instruments for measuring outcomes are analyzed for both short- and long-term programs, as well as the essential administrative tasks, functions, and responsibilities required for successful results by the health educator.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None