Health Education (HD)

HD510: Current Health Issues for Health Educators

In this survey course, students study specific critical health topics including specific health conditions, disease prevention, older adults, fitness, complementary and alternative medicine, and more. Students will evaluate current health research and publications and relate the research to health education programs and interventions. Proven strategies and benefits of health education are emphasized.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

HD599: Master's Capstone in Health Education

This capstone course is the culminating experience for the Master of Science in Health Education. This course builds on the concepts of all the courses students have taken within the program of study. The capstone course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and synthesize the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the coursework in an original comprehensive project, and to assess their level of mastery of the stated outcomes of their degree program in health education.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: Last term or permission from the Dean

HD625: Health Education Design, Implementation, and Administration

This course acquaints students with the components and essential design elements of comprehensive health education programming. Utilizing the seven areas of responsibilities for the health education specialist, students create programs for community, school, and private settings, learning to identify key constituents and the diversity of funding sources, both public and private. Instruments for measuring outcomes are analyzed for both short- and long-term programs, as well as the essential administrative tasks, functions, and responsibilities required for successful results by the health educator.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None