Academic Calendar

Select a calendar below to review important dates.

  • A Track, B Track, and C Track Academic Calendars for:
    • Undergraduate Programs
    • Graduate Health Sciences and Nursing Programs
    • Master of Public Administration
    • Master of Science in Educational Psychology
    • Master of Science in Environmental Policy
    • Master of Science in Human Services
    • Master of Science in Legal Studies
    • Master of Science in Psychology
    • Graduate Certificates in Addictions and Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • D Track Academic Calendar for:
    • Master of Arts in Teaching
    • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
    • Master of Science in Education
    • Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
    • Master of Science in Higher Education
    • Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology
    • Graduate Business and Information Technology Programs

If you elect certain concentrations, you may need to move to an alternate academic calendar track in order to complete the courses required. When this occurs, you may experience a delay of 2 weeks or more between the end of the term and the beginning of the next available term in the alternate calendar track.

Unless otherwise specified, all policies apply to the full term published, not the 5-week child terms within.