Prior Learning

You are encouraged to submit to the Office of the Registrar all evidence of prior learning for evaluation. If you receive veterans benefits through Purdue Global, you must submit documentation of previous education for review.

All prior learning is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and credit is awarded ultimately at the discretion of the University. Purdue Global does not guarantee the transferability of credits from other educational institutions or other sources of prior learning.

General Guidelines

These are the general guidelines governing the application of prior learning credit.

  1. You must provide official documentation to receive credit. Official documentation is typically an official transcript sent directly from the source institution to the Office of the Registrar. For alternative credit sources that do not provide an official transcript, consult your advisor to learn what official documentation is accepted.
  2. Learning represented must be equivalent to college-level learning and not designated as developmental or remedial. Purdue Global does not award credit for continuing education (CEU).
  3. Prior learning must be consistent with the current knowledge and skills taught in Purdue Global courses. Some Purdue Global schools require prior learning to be completed within a designated time frame to be eligible for transfer. Refer to your school’s and program’s policies for more details.
  4. Credits awarded in any combination of prior learning may not exceed 75 percent of the credits required in an undergraduate degree or 50 percent of a graduate degree. Refer to the policies of individual doctoral programs for more information about prior learning restrictions at the doctoral level.
  5. Purdue Global considers a semester credit hour to be equal to 1.5 quarter credit hours.
  6. All official prior learning documentation provided will be evaluated for credit, and all eligible prior learning that can satisfy a requirement within your program will be awarded. Previously awarded prior learning credit cannot be removed upon request.
  7. Credit cannot be awarded for a course while you are actively taking it at Purdue Global. You are encouraged to submit transcripts for evaluation before you plan to take the course.

Additional guidelines specific to the source of prior learning are outlined under Types of Credit.