Purdue University Global Academic Catalog


Purdue University Global, Inc., owns and operates Purdue University Global (Purdue Global). Purdue University Global, Inc., is an Indiana public benefit corporation controlled by its sole member, The Trustees of Purdue University, a statutory body corporate that manages and conducts Purdue University, the State of Indiana’s land-grant university. Purdue Global operates as a public postsecondary state educational institution affiliate pursuant to IC 21-7-13-26.5(a).

Purdue University Global, Inc., certifies that the information contained in the Catalog is current and correct, but is subject to change without notice, and does not constitute a binding agreement on the part of Purdue University Global, Inc. If changes are made to the information in this Catalog, a revised version will be provided.

If you are enrolled at a learning center, unless otherwise noted, you must adhere to Purdue Global online policies and procedures as stated in the University Catalog. 

The University has the right, at its discretion, to make reasonable changes to policies and program content, materials, schedules, sequences of courses in programs, or locations in the interest of improving the student’s education, or where deemed necessary due to industry changes, academic scheduling, or professional requirements. 

The University is required to make changes to programs or policies when ongoing federal, state, or accrediting changes affect students currently in attendance.