Definition of a Unit of Credit

Purdue Global defines a credit hour in two ways:

  1. As the reasonable equivalent of one hour of documented in-class activity (face-to-face classroom instruction and/or academically engaged activity in a virtual classroom) and two hours of documented out-of-class activity, combined to total three hours per week for ten weeks for one quarter hour of credit, including:
    1. Academically engaged and documented activity in a virtual classroom includes, but is not limited to, such examples as time spent in: seminars, discussion threads, exams/quizzes, and interactive simulations/exercises.
    2. Out-of-class documented activity includes, but is not limited to, such examples as time spent in: reading course-related material, writing, research, team work, study time, field trips, and tutoring.
  2. As a measure that Purdue Global determines to be the reasonable equivalent to a credit hour of student work, as defined above, including such instances of awarding credit that includes, but is not limited to, the assessment of prior learning with proficiency shown via such examples as:
    1. CLEP or DANTES exam performance
    2. Evaluated programs of noncollegiate instruction such as ACE-recognized credit
    3. Experiential portfolio proficiency assessment
    4. Assessment of Skills and Knowledge

Not applicable to Purdue Global Law School. See Purdue Global Law School Academic Information for Purdue Global Law School-specific credit hour definitions.