Transcripts, Certifications, and Transfer of Purdue Global Credits

Transcripts and Certifications


You should receive your diploma approximately 6 weeks after your graduation date, provided all obligations required by Purdue Global have been met. If you would like a duplicate or replacement diploma, simply contact the Office of the Registrar. A replacement fee may apply.


Students and former students whose records are not encumbered for any reason defined by Purdue Global, upon application to the Office of the Registrar and payment of any prescribed charge, are entitled to receive a transcript of their complete record.

View the Transcript Key Supplement

Digital Badges

Digital badges are issued by Purdue Global as a way to recognize achievement and engagement in a variety of opportunities, including term honors and micro-credentials. Digital badges are graphic or visual representations of achievement or the earning of a credential issued by the University. You should receive notification of your digital badge via email approximately 2 weeks after the end of a term.

Certifications of Enrollment

You may obtain certification of your enrollment by submitting a request to the Office of the Registrar. Deferment or forbearance forms may also be submitted for certification, as needed. There is no charge associated with a certification.

Transfer of Purdue Global Credits to Other Schools

While Purdue Global credits are widely transferrable, it is at the sole discretion of a receiving institution to accept credits earned for transfer. Further, transferability may differ based on the earned grade or academic mark. The University cannot guarantee the transferability of any credits to other institutions.

Posthumous Degrees

The University may award a posthumous degree if the deceased student has completed the following: 

  • At least 85% of credit hour requirements at a level commensurate with graduation requirements of that program and most requirements for the major; and 
  • Was actively enrolled within the year preceding the request for a posthumous degree.

When the degree includes a thesis requirement, the following additional provisions apply: 

  • The student must have completed the research to the extent that a thesis, or one or more articles in lieu of a thesis, can be prepared; and 
  • The advisory committee or Dean must approve the research and results, including a thesis or article(s), and recommend granting the degree.

A request for a posthumous degree award must be made in writing to the Dean of the school in which the student was enrolled. The Dean will review the petition and the student’s overall record to determine whether to make a recommendation to the Chancellor, with whom final approval rests.