School of Nursing


Mission Statement

The Purdue Global School of Nursing provides personalized nursing education to launch and enhance nursing careers that meet changing health care needs in local and national settings.

General Policies

Policy information specific to the School of Nursing's graduate programs is noted below.

Admissions Requirements

You must meet the below admissions requirements in addition to Purdue Global's general requirements. Refer to the program-specific policy pages for additional admissions requirements.

If applying for admission, you must:

  1. Submit a transcript indicating receipt of the required prior degree in nursing.
  2. Have an approved criminal background check.
    The state of Iowa requires that criminal background checks include information from the Iowa Department of Human Services relating to child abuse and dependent adult abuse. If you reside in Iowa, you must authorize the University to obtain this information.
  3. Submit documentation of a current, unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse in at least one U.S. state or provide evidence of a license comparable to a U.S. registered nurse license from the nation, province, or region where you are employed as a nurse. Proof of foreign licensure must be submitted at the time of enrollment. The University will verify the authenticity of all submitted foreign nursing licenses.

If you are an international applicant, you are not eligible to enroll in graduate nursing programs due to clinical requirements.

Requirements for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Programs

If you graduated from a foreign nursing program, you must submit an official course-by-course evaluation of your nursing program to a foreign credential evaluation service. The foreign credential evaluation must be received by the Office of the Registrar prior to enrollment. The evaluation must be completed by an approved agency listed by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services at or by another service approved by Purdue Global.

Progression Requirements

The grade of “C” is the minimum acceptable grade for graduate courses and the grade of “B” is the minimum acceptable grade for graduate nurse practitioner clinical courses and doctoral-level nursing courses

Clinical Practice Experiences and Practicums

If you are enrolled in Purdue Global’s Master of Science in Nursing or a postgraduate certificate program, you will complete clinical practice experiences or a practicum. You must complete these experiences in a setting that has been approved by the School of Nursing. You will serve as the best advocate for your clinical placement as you are most familiar with your local area and networking contacts. It is your responsibility to identify potential clinical sites and preceptors in your area that are appropriate for your clinical courses. The University will provide support and assistance to you in facilitation of your clinical or practicum placement. The following are requirements for the clinical practice experiences or practicum placement process and course progression:

  1. You must submit an application to begin the clinical or practicum placement process and complete an orientation to the process.
  2. In order to successfully complete the University’s placement process and be registered for courses with clinical practice experiences or a practicum, you must submit all required documentation according to School of Nursing requirements. The required documentation must be approved by the School of Nursing before you are granted permission to register for a clinical or practicum course. Incomplete or incorrect documentation may result in a delay of registration.
  3. You will receive the School of Nursing Handbook, which includes policies, guidelines, and requirements relevant to your successful completion of the placement process and registration for clinical or practicum courses. You are responsible for satisfying the requirements outlined in the handbook. Examples of requirements found in the handbook include, but are not limited to, health and safety documentation, liability insurance, background checks, and immunizations. Requirements vary by program, concentration, and population focus area.
  4. All required health and safety documentation must remain current according to Purdue Global policy. Specific requirements are listed in the School of Nursing Handbook.
  5. You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own transportation, housing, and availability to attend the clinical or practicum experiences.
  6. Some facilities may require additional documentation, as necessary, to comply with specific federal and/or state requirements for nursing student candidates. Failure to submit appropriate documentation to participate in a clinical or practicum by the required date will result in you being unable register for the course.
  7. You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner and maintain a safe environment. If a faculty member and/or agency consider you to be in violation of either one of these requirements, you may be removed from the facility or setting and may receive a failing grade for the course if the course outcomes are not met. Unprofessional and/or unsafe practices will be reviewed by the administrative staff as needed.
  8. You must receive a satisfactory final evaluation on the clinical or practicum components of your courses. Failure to successfully complete this portion of a course will result in failure of the entire course.

Drug/Chemical Substance Testing Policy

The University may require you to submit to a drug/chemical substance test at any time during the course of the program if there is evidence of impaired behavior that may pose a risk to patients, other students, or the education program. The requirement to submit to a drug/chemical substance test is based on an assessment of behavior that reflects possible drug use and/or impairment. You must provide a valid, verifiable, current prescription and evidence of appropriate medical supervision for medications that may affect your academic or clinical performance during the nursing program. If you refuse the test, the University will assume you are using drugs/alcohol, which is considered a conduct violation.

State laws may permit the use of marijuana for medicinal or recreational use; however, federal laws prohibit the use, possession, and/or cultivation of marijuana at educational institutions that are recipients of federal funds. You will be required to undergo drug testing according to the Purdue Global School of Nursing Drug Screening Policy. Any student testing positive for marijuana or derivatives will not be allowed continued enrollment in the nursing program.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to Purdue Global's general requirements, you must successfully complete the clinical, practicum, or practice experience requirements for your selected program. You will be graded for both the didactic and the experiential components of this course. Failure of either the didactic or the experiential components will result in failure of the course.