Professional Studies (PR)

PR500: Professional Global Communication

This course will help you develop a critical understanding of the relationships between culture and communication in different professional contexts. You will be introduced to methods in constructing and delivering messages in an increasingly diversifying workplace environment. In addition to the analysis of diverse communication methods, the course considers wider strategies and trends in the audience, cultural norms, and the consequences of globalization.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: None

PR501: Professional Research Methods and Data Literacy

This course provides professionals the knowledge and understanding of the role of quantitative and qualitative research methods for conducting meaningful inquiry and research. The course provides the opportunity to analyze research intent, design, methodology, and presentation. The course will develop your ability to use this knowledge to become effective professionals that can access, understand, and leverage information.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: None

PR502: Professional and Organizational Ethics

This course examines the ethical issues facing modern organizations and provides the necessary tools for successful ethical decision-making and problem-solving. The social responsibility of organizations is analyzed including the impact of ethical decisions on stakeholders.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: None

PR503: Visionary Leadership, Conflict, and Collaboration

This course will provide you the tools to manage and resolve conflict in different professional environments. You will be taught how to employ contemporary leadership theories and methods with the purpose of cultivating collaborative relationships in the workplace. You will be equipped with the skills to evaluate, synthesize, and apply strategies for enhancing professional communication.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: None

PR504: Competitive Positioning, Planning, and Decision Making

This course provides a foundation for strategic planning and implementation via development within organizations. In this course, you will learn about how to competitively position and plan to create action plans to implement strategic decisions. The course delves into analysis, synthesis, application, and evaluation of information necessary for strategic decision making.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: None

PR599: Graduate Capstone in Professional Studies

This course provides the culmination for the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program enabling you to demonstrate leadership, communication, and critical thinking competencies and apply your knowledge to your chosen career. Through individual research, writing, and completion of a real-world project, you will apply your problem-solving and analytical skills in professional contexts to develop a project that aligns with your career interests.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: Last term or permission of the Dean