Public Administration and Policy (PP)

PP500: Public Administration and Management

The course explores the theory and development of the field of public administration and the function of management. It will cover a wide range of topics further explored in the Master of Public Administration program. These topics may include federalism and intergovernmental relations, ethics and administrative leadership, and personnel and resource management. Students will study management processes in the context of a political environment and policy implementation.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: None

PP504: Research and Writing in Public Administration

Strong research and writing skills are necessary in the field of public administration. This course is designed to prepare public administration students for the demands of academic and professional writing in their coursework, professional career, and for their final capstone project. Students will be introduced to applied research within the field of public administration; will create a problem definition; compose a background and legislative record; and will create a policy brief for a defined problem related to the field of public administration.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500

PP510: Leadership in the Public Sector

You will study leadership within the public sector and the application of ethical and leadership principles to decision-making, actions, and interactions within public administration. Topics covered will include: organizational behavior, interest-based negotiation, leading networks, mediation, and leadership style.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500 or enrollment in the Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management or Master of Science in Environmental Policy

PP520: Finance and the Administration of Public Funds

This course examines the methods, processes, and challenges in the administration and budgeting of public funds. You will examine the budgeting of public revenues, revenue generation, forecasting, cost control, and fiscal management. The importance of managing control issues and transparency will be addressed.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500 or enrollment in the Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management program

PP530: Human Resource Management in the Public Sector

This course examines theories, processes, and systems related to human resources management in government, nonprofit, and multinational organizations. Topics explored include budget management; employee selection, development, compensation, and retention processes including job analysis and performance management; labor relations including conflict management and disciplinary action, sexual harassment, diversity, and unity; legal, ethical, safety, risks, and security considerations in the work environment; and strengths and opportunities in public administration management. Course principles and concepts will be applied to real-world situations encountered in the public sector.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500

PP600: Administrative Law in Public Administration

This course examines the fundamental concepts regarding administrative law in public administration and how public policy is crafted. Students will examine the intergovernmental relations and the political and practical constraints that influence administrative policy.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP504

PP602: Comprehensive Exam Capstone

As a final step in the Master of Public Administration, students may choose the nonthesis option and successfully complete a comprehensive exam. This comprehensive exam incorporates the program outcomes of the program. This exam is designed to carefully assess a student's overall learning in the program. Successful completion of the exam allows both student and faculty to measure and acknowledge a successful learning experience for the student.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: Last term

PP610: Balancing the Budget - Budgetary Process

In this course you will study the fundamental concepts and practices of budgeting and financial management. The budget process and preparation, cost analysis, and budget reform will be covered in detail. Crisis management and balancing the budget are also addressed.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500

PP611: Grant Writing

This course addresses the advanced skills necessary to create grant proposals to public and private funding sources. You will critically examine request for proposal (RFP) criteria, prepare grant budgets, create sustainability plans and project timelines, and incorporate evaluation metrics in your proposals. Content will cover grant research, proposal structure, financial planning, and the basic elements of a full grant proposal.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP520 or approval from the Program Chair

PP612: Program Evaluation

This course explores the development and practice of program evaluation as it applies to the administration of public and nonprofit organizations. Summative and formative evaluation methodologies, logic models, outcome measurement, the development and application of data collection tools, data analysis, and the role of ethics in the process will be investigated. You will construct a complete evaluation plan for an organization and program of your choosing.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500

PP630: Public and Private Partnerships

This course examines the relationship of business and government agencies in producing public services. You will analyze policies and implementation in partnership and privatization models including outsourcing, contracting, and competition. The use of voluntary organizations will also be explored.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500

PP640: Political and Economic Forces

Students will explore the impact and interaction of political and economic forces that affect public administration in domestic and international governmental and nonprofit sectors. Students will use economic reasoning to better explain this interaction between political entities and economic forces including governments' behavioral effects on markets, the role of competition in the provision of public goods, resource allocation, market failure, and government failure.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500

PP650: Public Policy Analysis

The course focuses on the analysis of public policy and approaches to problem solving. Students will study qualitative and quantitative methods of policy analysis that aid public policy and program analysts in informing the decision-making process. Examining policies at scales from local to global will enable students to apply tools and concepts across a wide range of issues.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: PP500 or enrollment in the Master of Science in Fire and Emergency Services

PP693: Public Policy and Administration Internship

This course will provide graduate students in the Master of Public Administration with practical experience in a professional field. During the 10-week term, 150 hours of service are required. This course is an opportunity to combine academic theory with new, career-related experience in legal studies, public administration, environmental policy, or a closely related field. Tasks must be delineated in the Learning Contract, which demonstrates an advanced application of academic theory in the workplace.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: Permission from the Dean, a GPA of 3.75, and completion of at least 25 graduate quarter credit hours

PP698: Master's Capstone in Public Administration

This capstone course is the culminating experience for the Master of Public Administration. This capstone course provides students with the opportunity to engage in research, analysis, and evaluation of current topics and challenges in the field of public administration. Students will integrate and synthesize the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their coursework, conducting their own research related to current topics and challenges in the field of public administration in order to demonstrate their mastery of program outcomes.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: Last term or permission from the Dean