Teaching Special Needs (SN)

SN501: Teaching Exceptional Students in Inclusive Settings

This course explores strategies for meeting the various learning needs of students from diverse backgrounds in an inclusive setting. Best practices are examined including curriculum accommodations and modification in the content areas, instructional approaches, and behavioral supports in the general education classroom setting.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

SN502: Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities

This course provides an overview of learning disabilities among K-12 students and discusses theoretical issues and teaching strategies. It focuses on building strategies for effective interventions and transition planning. Additionally, the course explores various procedures for working in a collaborative setting to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None

SN503: Teaching Students With Behavioral Disorders

This course provides an overview of emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) that have an impact on academic achievement in educational settings. Students will learn about the types of disorders and how to create an effective and supportive classroom environment. Students will review the federal, state, and local requirements for diagnosis and interventions in public and private educational environments, as well as alternative educational placements. The importance of working as a collaborative team for students with EBD will be emphasized.

Quarter Credit Hours: 4 | Prerequisite: None