Disbursement Requirements

Disbursement of financial aid is a process in which fund sources (grants, scholarships, loans, etc.) are posted to your account. Federal aid is split into payments over the course of an academic year and/or final period of study, as indicated on your funding offer. As this process takes place, students may see changes to their anticipated aid and balance. After you have begun posting attendance in the term, timing of disbursements is contingent upon meeting all financial aid eligibility requirements and confirmation of attendance and enrollment status.

The following highlights the disbursement process and attendance requirements:

  • Disbursements of financial aid funds will begin the week after add/drop period, as eligibility requirements are met. If you are participating in the Purdue Global Commitment program, disbursements will begin the week after the commitment period ends.
  • Students who do not attend all registered courses may have their financial aid reduced or cancelled due to not meeting the minimum required hours for eligibility.
  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time in courses that count toward their program to receive federal student loans. Be sure to contact the Student Finance Office before you add or drop a course to understand the financial aid impact.