Incomplete Grades

You may request an incomplete grade in a course when being granted additional time beyond the course’s end date would permit you to complete the outstanding work. To request an incomplete, you should have at least 75% of the course done (as calculated by the faculty of the course) and be mathematically able to pass the course by completing the incomplete work at least at the same level of performance as the work you already completed in the course. The request must be submitted at least one week before the end of the course. The final decision to grant an incomplete grade rests with the faculty.
If granted the incomplete grade, you will have until the end of the fourth week of the subsequent grading period to submit the outstanding work to your instructor, who will submit the final course grade within two weeks of that date. An incomplete grade has no impact on your GPA until a final grade is assigned. You are still subject to University attendance policies while the incomplete grade is posted, though academic activity in the course after the scheduled class end date will not be recorded as attendance.   

Some courses offer a longer period for the completion of the outstanding work. In such cases, the course syllabus will contain this information.