Purdue Global courses are designed with you in mind and, as such, offer multiple ways of engaging with the course material, the faculty, and classmates. To succeed in any course, you should expect to be actively engaged by completing assignments on time and participating in any discussion boards, seminars, and other features designed to enrich your learning. The expectation is that you will be active in your course(s) each week. 

Your official attendance record will update when you submit coursework, like an assignment, a discussion board post, a quiz, or other graded activity in the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). In-person lab hours recorded by faculty will also update your attendance record. Other activities, like reading course material or viewing a seminar, will not update your attendance record. This is an important consideration as sustained nonattendance has negative implications both in terms of your learning and overall course performance. It may also result in withdrawal and other actions.

If you travel to or relocate outside of the U.S. to countries or regions subject to economic and/or trade sanctions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) or other authorities, you may be unable to access the Purdue Global campus, services, and courses. See Sanctioned Countries in the Accreditation, Approvals, and Memberships section of the Catalog for more details.

Refer to Withdrawal Due to Nonattendance policy for information about attendance policy violations.