Environmental Policy and Management (EM)

EM101: Introduction to Environmental Policy and Management

This course will explore the origins of the major environmental laws and their intent, structure, and limitations in the United States. It will examine the laws' evolution and implementation over the past few decades with particular focus on the relationship between the federal government and the states. The course will also address the subsequent rise of the environmental movement and its influence on legislation.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: None

EM205: The Politics of Managing the Environment

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the study of environmental politics and policy in the United States from federal to state and local levels. It explores the role of key policy groups in environmental policy formation and implementation. Additionally, this course will examine the role of grassroots movements in shaping public policies.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: EM101

EM305: The Economics of Environmental Management

This course will focus on environmental policy analysis from the perspective of economics and management. You will examine the economic concepts of efficiency, valuation criteria, instrument design, and cost analysis. Particular attention will be paid to the application of economic principles and related techniques to support decision making in pursuit of environmental policy at the global, federal, and state levels.

Quarter Credit Hours: 6 | Prerequisite: MM207

EM410: The Global Environment

This course will explore the impact of social, political, and economic processes on the global environment. You will examine global ecological interdependence and its implications for the institutions of governance, both nationally and internationally. You will examine how various stakeholders such as the nation-state, international organization, and even non-governmental organizations develop, shape, and play a role in the enforcement of environmental policy.

Quarter Credit Hours: 6 | Prerequisite: None

EM430: Environmental Policy Analysis

You will examine how developing and analyzing environmental policies involves balancing social, political, and economic considerations. This course encompasses the process of policy analysis, stakeholder impact, methods of analyzing and selecting the most appropriate policy response, and the effective communication of results to constituents and policymakers.

Quarter Credit Hours: 6 | Prerequisite: EM101

EM499: Bachelor's Capstone in Environmental Policy and Management

This capstone course is the culminating experience for the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management. This course builds on the concepts of all the courses you have taken within the program of study. The capstone course provides you with the opportunity to integrate and synthesize the knowledge and skills required throughout your coursework in an original comprehensive project, and to assess your level of mastery of the stated outcomes of your degree program.

Quarter Credit Hours: 6 | Prerequisite: Last term or permission from the Dean