Exercise and Fitness (EF)

EF205: 🌐 Scientific Foundations of Exercise and Fitness

This course familiarizes students with the scientific basis of exercise and fitness physiology and related human anatomy, including cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology. Students learn about energy metabolism as it relates to exercise and how aging affects human physiology, exploring current strategies in exercise and fitness training to facilitate disease prevention and healthy aging.

Quarter Credit Hours: 5 | Prerequisite: None

EF205M1: Physical Fitness Components

Describe the components of physical fitness and performance.

Quarter Credit Hours: 1 | Prerequisite: None

EF205M2: Lifestyle Behaviors and the Health Appraisal Process

Define the process for evaluating health status.

Quarter Credit Hours: 1 | Prerequisite: None

EF205M3: Assessing Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness

Evaluate current strategies used in aerobic and anaerobic training.

Quarter Credit Hours: 1 | Prerequisite: None

EF205M4: Understanding Nutrition, Body Composition, and Flexibility

Discuss energy metabolism and activity-related changes.

Quarter Credit Hours: 1 | Prerequisite: None

EF205M5: Creating and Evaluating Exercise Programs

Correlate cardiorespiratory fitness guidelines with exercise and fitness requirements.

Quarter Credit Hours: 1 | Prerequisite: None

EF310: Current Trends in Exercise and Fitness - Aging Well Across the Life Span

This course focuses on the issues in exercise and fitness that each major age group encounters in society today. You will learn the unique challenges that senior adults, middle-aged and younger adults, and children and adolescents are confronted with, as well as the sociological, psychological, and economic factors that can impact outcomes. Motivational strategies, techniques, and plans for designing age-appropriate exercise and fitness programs will be discussed and practiced, and current research in models of exercise and fitness programs in community- and corporate-based settings will be studied and evaluated for effectiveness.

Quarter Credit Hours: 6 | Prerequisite: None