Academic Grades and Marks

Academic Grades

Undergraduate Courses

Grade Points Definition
A 4.0 Superior
A- 3.7 Superior
B+ 3.3 Above Average
B 3.0 Above Average
B- 2.7 Above Average
C+ 2.3 Average
C 2.0 Average
C- 1.7 Average
D+ 1.3 Below Average
D 1.0 Below Average
F 0.0 Failure

School of Nursing Undergraduate Programs

Grade Numeric Points Definition
A 93-100 4.0 Superior
A- 90-92.99 3.7 Superior
B+ 87-89.99 3.3 Above Average
B 83-86.99 3.0 Above Average
B- 80-82.99 2.7 Above Average
C+ 77-79.99 2.3 Average
C 75-76.99 2.0 Average
F 74.99-0 Failure

Module Courses

Grade Points Definition
A 4.0 Superior
B 3.0 Above Average
F 0.0 Failure

Graduate Courses

Grade Points Definition
A 4.0 Superior
B 3.0 Above Average
C 2.0 Average
F 0.0 Failure

Academic Marks

Academic marks, unlike academic grades, have no effect on your GPA, but might affect your academic standing by influencing your rate of completion calculation.

Code Description Affects Credits Earned? Affects Credits Attempted?
AC Assessment Credit Yes Yes
AU Audit No No
CC Credit by Examination Yes Yes
EC Experiential Learning Credit Yes Yes
I Incomplete No Yes
IP Grade in Progress No Yes
NR Not Required No No
P Pass Yes Yes
S Satisfactory1 No No
TC Transfer Credit Yes Yes
U Unsatisfactory1 No No
W Withdrawal No Yes
MW Military Withdrawal No No

Only applicable to noncredit-bearing courses


Assessment Credit

“AC” denotes a successful attempt at a Purdue Global Assessment of Skills and Knowledge. Credits marked with “AC” contribute to Purdue Global residency requirements.


You receive an “AU” when you audit a course.

Credit by Examination

You receive a grade of “CC” when you are granted credit for an externally administered examination such as CLEP or DANTES. Other credit by examination approved by the University may also be represented by this grade.

Experiential Learning Credit

You receive a grade of “EC” when you are granted credit for an internally reviewed Experiential Learning Portfolio, military training, or reviewed professional learning.


You receive a temporary grade of “I” when you are granted an incomplete grade to allow for additional time to submit coursework beyond the course end date. This grade has no impact on your cumulative GPA until a final grade is assigned.

Grade in Progress

You receive a temporary grade of “IP” when you are withdrawn from a traditional course prior to the end of the term, unless you are enrolled in a graduate program. At the end of the term, “IP” grades are converted to a withdrawal or earned grade.

Not Required

You may receive an “NR” if you are not obligated to enroll in a course to complete your degree requirements.

Pass, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory

Designated courses are graded on a pass/fail grading scale, as indicated in the course descriptions. A passing grade will be awarded for any numeric grade corresponding to a passing grade in the standard grade scale, unless otherwise noted in the course syllabus.

Transfer Credit

You receive a grade of “TC” when postsecondary coursework you completed at another institution is applied to your enrolled program at Purdue Global.


You receive a “W” if you withdraw from a course or are administratively withdrawn from a course. If you are enrolled in a graduate program, you are only eligible for withdrawal grades before the final 28 days of classes of a 10-week course or the final 21 days of a 6-week course, except under the terms of the military service provision or Leave of Absence Policy.

Military Withdrawal

You may be eligible to receive an “MW” with approved supporting military documentation per the Military Service Provision.