Master of Business Administration

The 🌐 icon appears in the title of traditional courses that are also available as a set of module courses.  

Description and Outcomes

The objective of the Master of Business Administration program is to help you pursue leadership positions in competitive business environments. The curriculum is designed to address this through a portfolio of practical, resume-building projects that satisfy your intellectual curiosity and help build the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make sound business and management decisions. Beyond these practical skills, the program is also designed to foster thought leadership, innovation, and corporate social responsibility in a global context.

This program is available in ExcelTrack. Speak with your University representative for any limitations. For more information on ExcelTrack, see Learning Paths in the Approach to Learning section of the Catalog.


In addition to the core program requirements, you may add a concentration to your degree plan, for which you are required to take a minimum of four courses from one of seven concentrations: finance, global business, health care management, human resources, information technology, marketing, or project management. Concentrations are not required for completion of the general program.

Project Management Concentration Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of the project management concentration within the MBA is to build on the business and decision-making skills learned within the MBA program while preparing you with the critical foundation, knowledge, and skills necessary to pursue a mid-level position in project management. The project management concentration courses provide learning outcomes in key project management areas including project initiation, project planning and execution, project cost and scheduling, and project risk, quality, and assessment.

Society for Human Resources Management Acknowledgment

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has acknowledged that the Master of Business Administration with a concentration in human resources fully aligns with SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. The HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates were developed by SHRM to define the minimum HR content areas that should be studied by HR students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The guidelines—created in 2006 and revalidated in 2010 and 2013—are part of SHRM’s academic initiative to define HR education standards taught in university business schools and help universities develop degree programs that follow these standards.

Program Length

The Master of Business Administration program consists of a minimum of 60 or 76 quarter credit hours, depending on your choice of the general program or a concentration. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded the Master of Business Administration.

Program Outcomes

  1. Apply knowledge related to fundamental business processes to make effective business decisions in a global context.
  2. Integrate business knowledge to take well-reasoned action in diverse situations.
  3. Innovate to address business issues and opportunities in dynamic environments.
  4. Demonstrate the leadership necessary to accomplish business goals and maximize organizational performance.
  5. Evaluate the ethical and social implications of business decisions in a global context.

Professional Competencies

In addition to the discipline-specific outcomes, professional competencies are integrated throughout your academic program. You can review the professional competencies associated with your academic program in the Professional Competencies section of this Catalog.

Program Availability

For program availability, please refer to the U.S. State and Other Approvals section and Program Availability Information.


Admissions Requirements

You must meet the below admissions requirements in addition to Purdue Global's general requirements.

You must submit a current, professional resume that details employment history including responsibilities and dates of employment.

Accelerated MBA Option

If you are a graduate of the University's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, are granted admission to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, and meet the requirements for the accelerated MBA option, you will have the following courses waived:

Code Title Credits
GB518🌐 Financial Accounting Principles and Analysis4
GB520🌐 Strategic Human Resource Management4
GB530🌐 Marketing Management4
GB540🌐 Economics for Global Decision Makers4
GB550🌐 Financial Management4

Progression Requirements

  1. You may not use transfer credit to replace GB500 Business PerspectivesGB601 MBA Capstone, or GB602 MBA Capstone - Global Option. These courses must be completed at Purdue Global. No transfer credit may be used for any course in the project management specialization.
  2. As a newly enrolled student, you may request to test out of GB512 🌐 Business Communications and GB513 🌐 Business Analytics by passing an Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (ASK) with a predetermined score. To register for an ASK, you must contact your Student Advisor at least 1 week prior to your scheduled start date. 

Certification, State Board, and National Board Exams

Certain state certification and licensure boards have specific educational requirements for programs to lead to a license or certification that is a precondition for employment in a recognized occupation. Prospective and current students must review Purdue Global’s State Licensure and Certifications site to view program and state-specific licensure information.

Unless otherwise specified, Purdue Global's programs are not designed to meet any specific state’s licensure or certification requirements. Licensure-track programs may limit enrollment to students in certain states; please see Purdue Global’s Program Availability Information to determine enrollment eligibility.

You are responsible for understanding the requirements of optional certification exams. Such requirements may change during the course of your program. You are not automatically certified in any way upon program completion. Although certain programs are designed to prepare you to take various optional certification exams, Purdue Global cannot guarantee you will be eligible to take these exams or become certified. Your eligibility may depend on your work experience, completion of education and/or degree requirements, not having a criminal record, and meeting other certification requirements.