Problem Resolution and Grievance Procedures

Please refer to the Problem Resolution and Grievance Procedures for policy and procedure information.

Additional Information for Concord Law Students Regarding Policy on Petitions Not Related to Academic Appeals

Petitions seeking an exception to administrative policies, such as exam rescheduling, late enrollment, and readmission requirements, may be submitted via the Petition—Associate Dean form by email to These petitions shall be reviewed by the Associate Dean for the program, the Associate Dean's designee, or a committee convened by the Associate Dean. 

The grant of any petition is at the sole discretion of the School.

Additional Information for Concord Law School Students Regarding Academic Appeals

You may request a hearing before a panel of disinterested members of the faculty and/or administration in a disciplinary proceeding. These hearings are typically conducted based on written submissions. 

You may have the assistance of counsel, at your expense, who may be present during any disciplinary proceeding. Counsel may not question witnesses or address the panel during the proceedings. You may also provide the names and contact information of any witnesses on your behalf along with a short description of the witnesses’ expected testimony.