Directory Information Public Notice

You have the ability to enter or restrict the listing of personal directory information through an online user interface. Upon withdrawal from Purdue Global Law School, student directory information will be removed, and upon graduation from Purdue Global Law School, student directory information will become eligible for inclusion in an alumni directory.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Purdue Global Law School maintains an online directory for its community. Upon the first day of attendance at Purdue Global Law School, your profile listing, including your chosen name (if different from your legal name) and user name, become available to the Purdue Global Law School community (students, faculty, and administrators). The online directory may also include information commonly referred to as “directory information.” Purdue Global Law School designates the following categories of student information as directory information:

  • Legal name
  • Chosen first name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Photographic representations of students
  • Field of study
  • Grade level
  • Enrollment status
  • Dates of attendance at Purdue Global Law School
  • Degrees, honors, and awards received
  • Participation in officially recognized activities

Purdue Global Law School does not accept responsibility for information published by users in the directory and reserves the right to delete or modify information posted to the directory that is abusive, inflammatory, defamatory, infringing of intellectual property, or otherwise inappropriate in an academic environment. If you improperly use the directory or any information it contains, you may be subject to disciplinary action.

Additionally, Purdue Global Law School may release directory information to third parties without your prior consent. Directory information may be disclosed by Purdue Global Law School at its discretion for any purpose including, but not limited to, requests from law enforcement agencies and degree verification requests from prospective employers. Any student records Purdue Global Law School releases to third parties will include your legal name but exclude your chosen first name if different from your legal name; however, if a third party uses your chosen first name in a directory information inquiry, Purdue Global Law School may acknowledge your chosen first name with the third party when responding to the inquiry.

If currently enrolled, you may choose to withhold disclosure of your directory information by obtaining the Directory Information Withholding Request Form from the Office of Student Support, completing the form, and returning it to the Office of the Registrar. Purdue Global Law School will honor your request to withhold directory information; however, cannot assume responsibility for subsequently contacting you for permission to release information to prospective employers, relatives, or other persons. The absence of a specific request to withhold your directory information indicates your approval for disclosure. Additionally, your request to withhold directory information will not affect previous disclosures made by Purdue Global Law School prior to receipt of the request.