Academic Grades

Purdue Global Law School generally grades examinations using standards similar to those employed by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. Due to the nature of our learning management system, grading is not anonymous. All exams, written assignments, and other assessments are governed by the Code of Student Conduct. Final course grades are not rounded.

Grade Numeric Points Definition
A 83-100 4.0 Superior
A- 80-82 3.7 Superior
B+ 78-79 3.3 Excellent
B 73-77 3.0 Excellent
B- 70-72 2.7 Proficient
C+ 68-69 2.3 JD Students: Below Standard Proficiency; EJD Students: Proficient
C 63-67 2.0 JD Students: Below Standard Proficiency; EJD Students: Proficient
C- 60-62 1.7 JD Students: Below Standard Proficiency; EJD Students: Proficient
D+ 58-59 1.3 Below Standard Proficiency
D 53-57 1.0 Below Standard Proficiency
D- 50-52 0.7 Below Standard Proficiency
F Below 50 0.0 Failure
IP Grade in Progress
P Pass
TC Transfer Credit
W Withdrawal

Repeated Courses

You must successfully complete all required courses for the degree program. You must repeat any required course for which you received a failing grade. A failing grade is defined as any grade below the grade required for graduation in your program of study.

If you repeat a course, previous grades earned for the repeated course will be marked on the transcript as indicated in the transcript legend, but the grade received on the last repeat will replace all other grades for that course in the CGPA calculation.

When you repeat a course, you will be charged the current tuition for the course and must assume responsibility for all associated fees. If you choose to retake a previously passed course, you may only receive financial aid for one additional retake of that course.

In retaking a course, the Code of Student Conduct applies; carefully review the sections regarding use of previous work and materials from prior courses. (For students who enrolled into Purdue Global Law School’s JD program prior to Purdue Global Law School being granted accreditation by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California, you can only earn credit hours for a course toward program completion and a qualifying half-year or year of law study for the State Bar of California once.)

If you fail the same course or its equivalent three times, you will be academically dismissed from Purdue Global Law School.

Incomplete Grades

You may request an incomplete grade in a course when being granted additional time beyond the course’s end date would permit you to complete the outstanding work. To request an incomplete, you should have at least 75% of the course done (as calculated by the faculty of the course) and be mathematically able to pass the course by completing the incomplete work at least at the same level of performance as the work you already completed in the course. The request must be submitted at least one week before the end of the course. The final decision to grant an incomplete grade rests with the faculty.

If granted the incomplete grade, you will have until the end of the fourth week of the subsequent grading period to submit the outstanding work to your instructor, who will submit the final course grade within two weeks of that date. An incomplete grade has no impact on your GPA until a final grade is assigned. You are still subject to University attendance policies while the incomplete grade is posted, though academic activity in the course after the scheduled class end date will not be recorded as attendance.   

Some courses offer a longer period for the completion of the outstanding work. In such cases, the course syllabus will contain this information.