The Curriculum

Purdue Global Law School provides comprehensive, rigorous, and dynamic instruction leading to the Juris Doctor and Executive Juris Doctor degrees. Unlike most of its fixed-facility counterparts, Purdue Global Law School utilizes technology and the Internet to communicate its instructional material and enhance and streamline the learning process.

Purdue Global Law School's course of study is presented in a variety of formats. The casebooks and other materials required in the Purdue Global Law School programs are those regularly used at law schools nationwide. Lectures are presented over the Internet while assignments are researched and prepared using electronic research engines. You may access lectures, curriculum, and the law library virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, Purdue Global Law School professors conduct live classes over the Internet. You are required to complete online course modules that include multiple-choice tests, essays, or other assignments.

Student and Faculty Interaction

At Purdue Global Law School, you interact with faculty and fellow students through online classes, emails, discussion boards, and telephone calls or video conferences. The program incorporates synchronous classes convened over the Internet at regularly scheduled times each week. These classes function like classes in a traditional law school setting. You are expected to come to class prepared on the day's assigned reading. The professor engages the class in a discussion of the assigned material, which includes questions that may be directed to the class or to a particular student in the class.

At the time of publication of this Catalog, these classes are generally conducted via audio/video streamed from professor to students and audio/video or text-based responses from students to professor. An online student roster and regular discussion boards provide additional opportunities to contact fellow classmates. Those who have experienced the Purdue Global Law School classroom as either a student or teacher typically remark on the richness and interactivity of the sessions.

Statement of Assessment

Exams are administered in a variety of forms, including:

  • Quizzes: Administered asynchronously on the Purdue Global Law School site and auto-graded.
  • Essays and other writing assignments: Administered asynchronously on the Purdue Global Law School site and graded by professors.
  • Final exams: Administered at fixed dates and times to be determined by the Purdue Global Law School administration. Unless otherwise noted in the specific course syllabus, all final exams are taken under timed and closed-book conditions.

Each course may include any or all forms of these assessments. The specific assessments are listed in the grading policy of the individual course.