Academic Grades

Concord generally grades examinations using standards similar to those employed by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. All exams, written assignments, and other assessments are governed by the Code of Student Conduct.

Grade Numeric Points Definition
A 83-100 4.0 Superior
A- 80-82 3.7 Superior
B+ 78-79 3.3 Excellent
B 73-77 3.0 Excellent
B- 70-72 2.7 Excellent
C+ 68-69 2.3 Proficient
C 63-67 2.0 Proficient
C- 60-62 1.7 JD Students: Below Standard Proficiency; EJD Students: Proficient
D+ 58-59 1.3 Below Standard Proficiency
D 53-57 1.0 Below Standard Proficiency
D- 50-52 0.7 Below Standard Proficiency
F Below 50 0.0 Failure
P Pass
TC Transfer Credit
W Withdrawal

Repeated Courses

You must successfully complete all required courses for the degree program. You must repeat any required course for which you received a failing grade. When you repeat a course, all attempts are included on the transcript, and all grades received are included in the calculation of the cumulative GPA; however, you can only earn credit hours toward program completion and a qualifying half-year of law study for the State Bar of California once. If you choose to retake a previously passed course, you may only receive financial aid for one additional retake of that course.

In retaking a course, the Code of Student Conduct applies, and you are not permitted to utilize outlines or other materials that you may have had rightful access to or possession of during the original taking, if non-retaking students would not.

If you fail the same course or its equivalent twice, you will be academically dismissed from the School.