Community Organization and Advocacy Micro-credential

The community organization and advocacy micro-credential is designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills to work as a change agent within the community or specific groups. The courses are designed to prepare you to demonstrate the need for change within the community, influence outcomes, drive change, and organize action. You will learn about cultural influences, ways to assert a position, recommend strategies for policy as a leader, and support social, economic, and environmental perspectives. In addition, you will examine various restorative justice practices.

This micro-credential is part of the personalization series. For more information about personalization series micro-credentials, see the Micro-credential Series section of the Additional Offerings page and the Micro-credential Bulletin.


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Code Title Credits
HN301Advocacy Across the Lifespan6
HN302Communication and Advocacy6
HN401Restorative Justice in Human Services6
HN402Advocacy and Leadership6

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