Student Services

Career Services

Career Services is a student-focused provider of career assistance and is available to degree-seeking students currently enrolled and to eligible graduates. You have access to additional resources online 24 hours a day, and experienced Career Services staff will collaborate with you to create and implement career plans by providing support and advice.

Recognizing that career development is an ongoing, lifelong process, Career Services strives to help you understand the importance of self-assessment, occupational exploration, decision making, goal setting, networking, the job search, and developing productive connections in the workplace. Career Services offers a collaborative link between students, faculty, and prospective employers within the global employment community. Career Services fosters a welcoming, accessible environment where diversity is celebrated and the uniqueness of each individual is valued and respected.

Career Services will offer to assist in your job search and is available for resume and cover letter review(s), interview preparation, assistance with decision making, job offer negotiations, and various other job search and career-related issues.

Career services offered by the University are not an obligation or guarantee of employment. Although the University will assist you, finding a job is ultimately your responsibility. The University does not guarantee that you will be placed in any particular job, or at all. Some jobs may require additional training or certification.  No employee of the University is authorized to guarantee that a graduate will earn any specific amount. Your program of study, employer needs, current economic conditions, and other factors may affect wage levels.

Student Groups

Concord Law School recognizes and registers student groups that comply with the established procedures for registration of such groups. This registration remains in effect as long as the group conducts itself in accordance with Concord's policies and procedures. A proposed student group applies to the Dean of Students or the Dean's designee for recognition using the procedures and forms provided on the Concord School site. Once a group is recognized and registered, it must maintain a roster of at least 10 active members at all times. All members must be current JD or EJD students who are actively engaged in legal studies and who have access to the site. Should the number of active members fall below 10, the group may be delisted. The membership roster on the site is the official roster for group membership.

A recognized student group may use "Concord Law School" in its group's name. Concord supports registered student groups in a variety of ways, including with a link on the Concord School site under the Student Organizations tab, a bulletin board, and other technical support as appropriate.

Groups must specifically obtain permission from the Dean of Students or the Dean's designee to use the Concord Law School logo and may not have any other logo that identifies the group. See the Student Groups tab on the Concord School Site for further instructions on forming official student groups and student group guidelines. All Concord student groups are bound by the Code of Student Conduct and any other Concord policies that govern student behavior and communication on the Internet and elsewhere.